Biomass Environmental Solutions Ltd

BESL operates with chosen companies and establishments, of whom we keep their details confidential, as our commitment to establish SUSTAINABLE solutions with extensive R&D since conception has provided the opportunity for major expansion over the next 5 years sustainable with the luxury of self selecting our client base. 

We will always discuss new opportunities with new clients for further expansion therefore our WEB site is restricted by design, but please contact ourselves as below for any of our services you may require. 

Great news BESL is being incorporated within a new great joint venture, bringing proven emissions free technology to the
UK, for processing ALL mixed plastics waste to liquid energy, to be on line under Vidda Ltd in the next few weeks


  • JV project to grow 3.2M seedlings for sustainable crops for energy, phase 1,
  • Currently R&D with David Jones of PENHOW Nurseries, (Wales) recognised for multiple gold medals within the Horticultural Industry, leading the project for ourselves.
  • JV to produce IGU process units for the generation of the product for commercial purposes.
  • Potatoes test currently being carried out to reduce the need for Calcium Nitrates
  • Hemp, completed European tests, leading to the legislation of Caniboids etc in the UK.
  • Sugar and Rice in Thailand


Grape Vines

Safety Data Sheet


BESL brochure

BESL technical update

Biomass (CHP & WID) Boilers

Projects include Biomass CHP using waste wood solutions for production of heating, cooling and power for processing of our production of Biomass Fuels from sustainable forestry and arbirocultrral operations.

Joint Venture Project’s

  • Phase 1 Revised planning application for 10,000 tonnes per annum biomass pellets in Hampshire
  • Phase 2 Expected completion of facility Feb 2021 2.0 MW line all ok to produce up to 10,000 tonnes of products including

Biomass Pellets all grades Briquettes Wood chip G10 to G100 MC 10% PLUS 
Wood shavings Equine bedding pellets Pre dried compost

Biomass Fuels

BSL Authorised fuel producer and trader BSL No 0095633-0006

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IRMA and RHI Applications

Full RHI applications and participants services 

Equine Waste Solutions

Currently we are working with the equine industry in the UK and Ireland for sustainable solutions from providing bedding, drying and recycling waste to produce fuels.

Image: internal of combination grader dryer, rated up to 2400Kg/hr, MC from 80+ to 10% for briquette production and saw dust drying.

Material Handling

Bespoke design for individual clients whom do not wish for 26 Tonne trucks on site for filling silo’s etc.

Our own 4 Tonne Pellet delivery vehicles will be completed November 2019, for new and existing clients requiring 1 -4 tonnes at any time.

Bespoke Auger systems for site Wood Chip stores and other material movements solutions to include Pellets, Wood chip and equine waste Silo and Wood store cleaning. 

Drying Solutions

Bulk drying solutions design supply and installation.

Currently we have on the books over 2MW RHI approved second hand drying boilers, with high tariff and 15-18 years of contracted RHI available.

Prices etc available on request

Bespoke Dryer document

Turnkey Projects

District heating schemes designed. specified and installed up to 2.4Mw.
Bespoke design of energy centres for export of power.
Bespoke design for absorbed cooling solutions.

Waste plastic to DERV and POWER solutions.
JV with proven European provider of technology projects producing DERV and POWER generation from
Plastics, Tyres and Crude waste 
Current project to be announced by the end of July 2019 value £70M
Delivery date:  Nov 2021