Biomass Environmental Solutions Ltd (BESL)

Formed in 2010 to complement the director’s sole trading businesses, within the construction industry using Biomass as the preferred method of heating applications.

The directors have each over 30 years of experience within the Construction, Mechanical and Electrical, Processing and Manufacturing industries.

The relevance of BESL was for the development of biomass fuels, with also the inclusion of waste to energy projects, we recognised these would be long terms and have endeavoured the way forward for the Research and Development of waste to energy, alongside bespoke projects.

The current opportunities are with significant technological partners, where we are able to bring processes to enhance the current waste recycling processes used by T J Waste and Recycling, to produce Clean Green Energy, without the need for Incineration.


Our original conception led to the development of being the first producers of biomass fuels from silviculture waste. This process led to equine waste solutions and other, miscellaneous products described further.

Our partnership with Mr David Jones of Penhow Nurseries has led to the development of a new business called Neutral Carbon Solutions Ltd, (NCL) for the purpose of providing growing solutions for Biomass fuels, Carbon capture through impact projects with opportunities for Carbon Trading.

Penhow - Biomass

We are able to announce that we have an extensive network for the supply and development of Sustainable projects world wide.

  • Currently R&D with David Jones of PENHOW Nurseries, (Wales) recognised for multiple gold medals within the Horticultural Industry, leading the project for ourselves.
  • JV to produce IGU process units for the generation of the product for commercial purposes.
  • Potatoes test currently being carried out to reduce the need for Calcium Nitrates
  • Hemp, completed European tests, leading to the legislation of Caniboids etc in the UK.
  • Sugar and Rice in Thailand
  • New company structure with Neutral Carbon Solutions Ltd, (Directors from BESL and Penhow)
  • To facilitate a carbon trading and credit platform using all the years of experience form the above.

Biomass (CHP & WID) Boilers

Projects include Biomass CHP using waste wood solutions for the production of heating, cooling and power for processing of our production of Biomass Fuels from sustainable forestry and arboricultural operations.


IRMA and RHI Applications

Full RHI applications and participants services


Equine Waste Solutions

We have completed extensive works in Ireland, providing a solution for drying and processing equine waste into briquettes, whereby producing a replacement fuel for the Peat bogging deprivation problem in Ireland and other worldwide regions.

However, the client went into liquidation for reasons beyond greed and opportunity, of which the opportunity has been put on hold.

The project moving forward would enhance the equine problem anywhere in the world, with financial rewards:

  • The equine industry needs bedding
  • Bedding can be produced from wood shavings
  • Wood shaving can be recovered after use, dried and made into Biomass Pellets.
  • Cost reward for growing and selling bedding

Cost reward for using the same bedding after drying and sold as Biomass fuel,

Material Handling

Bespoke design for individual clients whom do not wish for 26 Tonne trucks on site for filling silo’s etc.

Our own 4 Tonne Pellet delivery vehicles will be completed November 2019, for new and existing clients requiring 1 -4 tonnes at any time.

Bespoke Auger systems for site Wood Chip stores and other material movements solutions to include Pellets, Wood chip and equine waste Silo and Wood store cleaning. 

Drying Solutions

Bulk drying solutions design supply and installation.

Currently we have on the books over 2MW RHI approved second hand drying boilers, with high tariff and 15-18 years of contracted RHI available.

Prices etc available on request

Turnkey Projects

BESL, have developed processes for plastics waste recovery, with our own mobile application for processing waste streams into compact products, which would save transportation costs through bulk density, we have in production of our Encore 1000 system, under final stages of development.

The target will be to  design and manufacturing containerised versions of waste to energy plants with the opportunity for poverty stricken regions to be able to manufacture under licence creating economic growth.

Developing these processes have led to working with companies like Kurata, QMRE and Unicomfort, where further processes all products containing hydrocarbons can be processed into hydrocarbon fuels for power generation projects.

Currently we have built up relationships with power generation partners for the use of hydrocarbon fuels to create Green Clean Energy, without emissions.

Other projects include the development of

  • bespoke Deluge systems for the waste industry, with
  • Water wash systems for the pre-cleaning of materials going to landfill.
  • Mobile recovery systems for hazardous waste
  • Consultancy for tank farm solutions for municipal waste to hydrocarbons
  • Consultancy for fully operational processing facilities, using waste for energy to run the systems, becoming non reliant upon grid connections and rising operational costs.
  • BESL have an exclusivity for some processes, but the waste to fuels recovery will enhance fleet operations and protect them against rising fuel costs.
  • BESL combining with our partners will provide a full sustainable solution.