Terms and Conditions


The contract to supply fuel product to our clients are based upon the confirmation order, as per the completed fuel order form by the client.

If prior to ordering the client is unsure of the quality and products being supplied, notification is acknowledged by email prior to any deliveries. If however an order has been delivered whilst the supplier is unaware of the notification, the client shall identify this to the deliverer prior to acceptance and off loaded.

No fees for cancelled deliveries will be charged, providing cancellation has been advised within 4 hrs of the notified delivery time, as per order confirmation. If however fuel is off loaded without onsite notification should the above occur, the delivery is therefore accepted in full.


Product assurance:

The products as stated on the confirmation order will be as stated, should the client be dissatisfied with any part of the delivery, the complaints procedure shall be completed. (see further)


Client’s responsibility:

Our clients are offered the opportunity for a pre site delivery visit, the purpose of which is to determine any aspects of the current fuel store provision and delivery system that may cause concern to the product or any health and safety aspect for our employees or operatives.

Should the client not require any such offer, any failures for undelivered goods, access, or damage to employees will become their responsibility, any resulting consequences will be resolved as required under the provisions of workplace requirements, English law and insurance obligations.
Resulting from site visits, we will issue risk assessments and method statements, the purpose of which is to also protect the client in respect to any physical damage and negligence, caused by our operatives and employees.

RAMS will be issue for comment prior to changes requested by any client as per any delivery.
If however at any time between deliveries, the clients base conditions may change, they shall notify ourselves of the changes, stating also that if in their opinion a revised RAMS should be issued.


Fuel storage:

The fuel supplied will be advised as to any storage requirements, which will be identified in the RAMS, the company cannot thereafter guarantee the product should the advisories not be complied with.



Payments by Credit and Debit cards.

Complaints procedure, Client to Supplier:Complaints regarding to any issue relating to the product and the process of delivery, shall be emailed to the company, requesting confirmation of the complaint having been received.

Where financial re-embursement is requested, the limit if recompense will be equal to the sum only of products supplied.
Where due complaint is against collateral damage, it shall be the decision of the company to either agree a discharge to the client, or result in any insurance actions on our behalf.

Nov 2017, Rev1